Lombok Indonesia A New Paradise Destination

A neighbouring island of Bali, Lombok, Indonesia is now attracting more tourists for its pristine beaches and affordable attractions. For tourists who would like to avoid the throngs of people and commotion when vacationing in Indonesia, then Lombok is definitely the place to be.

Lombok’s pristine white beaches, especially those in the Island’s southwestern area, are quieter than Bali’s busy coasts. Kuta, different from Bali’s Kuta, offers pure white sands to visitors. There are also islands in the northwest that are attracting more visitors for its simplicity and serenity. The three Gili Islands have been a destination for backpackers for its simplicity, however, more tourists are discovering the paradise getaway.

Desert Point or Bangko-bangko is a great place to surf. Both beginners and experienced surfers can enjoy the waves in south coast. Tourists can always try snorkelling to see the beautiful reefs. Sea kayaking is also another activity to enjoy. There are even some traveller’s lodges that offer visitors an introduction to fishing.

Aside from the coast, locals and visitors can enjoy the northern and mountainous part of the tropical haven. There are also mountain villages to visit and one of the popular places to visit in Lombok is Mount Rinjani. Mount Rinjani is a gigantic 12, 000 foot volcano. Often, there are two-day trek scheduled and guided by the locals for adventurous locals and tourists.

Aside from the sceneries and natural wonders of the island, visitors can always enjoy food and festivities in the island. The word “lombok” translates to chilli. If you have a thing for spicy food, then make sure that you try local dishes with sambal, a spicy condiment made from Lombok chillies.

Lombokalso has several festivals, especially that there is diverse mix of ethic and religious groups. One of the most colourful celebrations is the Bau Nyale, also known as the Sea Worm Festival. During the celebration, locals commemorate the story of the princess who refused to enter a political marriage. Marine or sea worms are caught, roasted and eaten.

For souvenirs, there are numerous shops in the island. Local textile and fabric like sarongs and woven items are great for taking home. There are also figurines and local pottery available. Some of the best potteries can be purchased in Penujak, Masbagik and Banyumulek. Tourists can easily find money changers in the island. Credit card can be used is some establishments.

There is also a museum, temple complex and several tourist hot spots to visit. Tourists don’t have to worry about travelling around the island, since transportation is readily available. Visitors can also rent cars and motorcycles.

Reaching Lombok, Indonesia is not difficult since the city of Mataram, also the capital city of the island, has an International Airport. There are also ferry trips from Bali going to the island.

Top 5 Beautiful Beaches in Indonesia

Indonesia offers everyone the best available choices of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Here are my top five most beautiful beaches in Indonesia:

1. Balikpapan – is an Indonesian seaport located in the eastern coast of Borneo island. This is small city that is clean with its clear blue skies and a secluded city. Not of the city life is seen so one can always enjoy a peaceful and quiet visit in this lovely place. The can be reached via plane, or car rides and ferry rides. There are lots to be seen in the place including the beautiful and attractive beaches together with the other establishments found in the place. This is a very ideal place for people who wants a fun beach vacation but wants to have a serene and quiet time without the may noise.

2. Manado – the capital of one of Indonesia’s provinces which is the North Sulawesi. This is a very beautiful beach bay that is a resident area for many locals. There are also other attraction sites here apart from the coast. There are lots of tarsiers found here that makes the place very well known. And everyone will enjoy seeing these animals once they visit Manado beach bay.

3. Makassars – the capital of South Sulawesi and is the largest city in the island. The beaches are here are pretty crowded during weekends that make this beach very well known. Visitors of the beach can enjoy picnics and a swim to the waters with their family and friends.

4. Jayapura – where the best beaches in Indonesia are found specially the amazing Amai beach that is a famous beach in Indonesia and a perfect getaway place for lots of beach and nature lovers.

5. Ambon Island – part of Indonesia’s Maluku Islands that is mountainous and very attractive. During the months October and April are the best time to go for a beach trip in Ambon when the summer heat is on without the heavy rains and cloudy skies. This is a perfect place for families to spend their summer vacation trips.

Here are the top five most beautiful and must see beaches in Indonesia. There are other beautiful and attractive beaches in this wonderful country that will surely delight everyone who visits the. Explore them all when you visit Indonesia and have the best vacation of all.

Relish Vacation Escapade Outside Your Bali Villas

Bali is the most exciting vacation spot. In addition to backed up by a number of accommodation, Bali as well rich with holidaymaker attractions that well-known. Beginning from the natural attractions, arts and cultural tourism, to all the holidaymaker attractions in Bali. To be able to relish all the beauty provided by the island of Bali, is required for an activity called the tour activities. There are a lot of famous tourist attractions you are able to visit, among others, Canggu, Seminyak, Ubud, Nusadua, Tanahlot, Umalas and others. Besides to these areas, in reality there are many other objects in Bali that could still be searched in tour events, and area attractions only a lot of interest and could be combined with other objects in a single tour destinations.

Holiday to places like Bali, Yogyakarta, Lombok and other tourism cities in Indonesia is fun because we can relish and feel scenery in most of big cities in Indonesia, additionally we also acknowledge the diversity of the cities in Indonesia and find out how riches of our country. Bali is the part of a state in Indonesia, and also a part of the most reputable island which is part of the province. Bali province comprises of the smaller islands in the surrounding area, namely the island of Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan Island, Nusa Ceningan Island, and Serangan island. Bali is called as an island of a thousand gods, temples is very widely spread from the west end to east end. Most of the area in Bali has a shrine, usually many foreign holidaymaker would like to see the course of the ceremony.

Holiday in Bali would be more awesome if it is filled with adventure tour or facultative activities as well tour to the streets. Since Bali is famous objects of tourism, is also rife in various places of adventure tourism. Beginning from rafting or white water rafting, sailing cruise or tour to various activities like elephant safaris, camel safaris, horse riding, and various tourism options such as water adventure program like submarine, sea walker and a variety of water sports options such as parasailing, banana boating, jet skiing, snorkeling, diving, and others. If you like to pit the power of adrenaline by following the activities of ATV Riding, maybe your holiday activities in Bali would be more enjoy.

Riding ATV is one of adventure tourism with a special bike for you who like to be defiance. ATV motorcycle was created specifically so easy to used by anyone, though never on a bike before. The way that has taken a lot of obstacles is applied even with specially made with many obstacles but still does not eliminate of the natural elements beauty of Bali’s charm and security, so besides getting your adrenaline adventures can still enjoy the natural beauty of Bali.

Your holiday would not be perfect if it does not get a good accommodation for you. Speaking on accommodation, virtually every area in Bali can meet a variety of accommodation for your vacation. The alternative is based on your needs, if you’re on holiday itself may cater more to your hotel. But, it is different if you’re on vacation with family or entourage, of course, will require more than 1 bedroom. Can you imagine if you rent a hotel for your family? maybe you will be in the room opposite to the rest of your family, otherwise you will not get privacy in a hotel. To get a rental house that is more personal, maybe Bali private villas would be better choice for your family. Areas for Bali private villas can be found among others like in Canggu, Tanah Lot, Seminyak, Ubud, Umalas, Nusadua and others. To find the private villas that provide serenity and you still can do outside activities, you can choose the area of Ubud. With a village atmosphere that is still thick, you will be more memorable holiday with a lot of activities you can do in Ubud.

Adventuring In This Beautiful City

Jakarta is quite an impressive city, as it’s the largest city in Indonesia, as well as its capital. Absolutely packed with culture, opportunities for grand adventures, and big city action, it’s a great vacation spot. Just be sure to get a passport well in advance. If you need one, you can go online. You can also replaced an old or damaged passport this way.

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National Museum
A prime attraction in Jakarta is the National Museum, and there is plenty of stuff in this museum to explore. This museum is all about he history, culture, and people and evolution of Indonesia over the years, and features tons of prehistoric, archaeological, and ethnographic exhibits. It’s centrally located and costs almost nothing to get in, so be sure to visit. The Puppetry Museum is a little different, but also worth a visit.

National Monument
One sight in Jakarta that’s difficult not to notice is the National Monument, which stands as the symbol of Indonesia’s battle for autonomy. It’s easily the most recognizable landmark, especially when it’s lit up at night, and if you decide to climb to the top, you will not be disappointed with the amazing views. Be sure to check out the museum in the basement as well. Istiqlal Mosque is another important landmark, and a beautiful one at that.

Shipping Malls
Jakarta is a shopping paradise, and make sure to allot plenty of room in your luggage for new purchases. No matter where you look, there’s bound to be a shopping mall nearby, with some of the favorites being Grand Indonesia, Plaza Indonesia, and Pacific Place. If you want a different sort of shopping experience, head to some of the well-known inside and outside markets also, where you can put your haggling skills to the test. The shopkeepers here are always ready to talk about prices. If you enjoy antiques, Jakarta is actually a really great place to shop for them, along with authentic hand-crafted items, which make great souvenirs.

Fatahillah Square
Gorgeous Fatahillah Square resembles a historic district in that an older section of the city and a great place to simply explore and experience the culture. It’s pretty amazing to be able to stop and unwind in an area right in the middle of the hectic, busy city, but Fatahillah Square makes it easy to do just that. The square is full of interesting places to stop, quaint places to stop and eat, and plenty of opportunities to people watch as well. Old Town is great too. It’s fun to explore the cobblestone streets, the cozy cafes, the historic buildings, and to relax under the shady trees.

Taman Impian Jaya Ancol is not only a popular tourist location, but one for locals as well. In this complex of amusement parks, you’ll find Sea World (the largest aquarium in southeast Asia), Fantasy World, Ocean Park, an endless amount of stores, restaurants, and resorts, and a cute little beach also.