Adventuring In This Beautiful City

Jakarta is quite an impressive city, as it’s the largest city in Indonesia, as well as its capital. Absolutely packed with culture, opportunities for grand adventures, and big city action, it’s a great vacation spot. Just be sure to get a passport well in advance. If you need one, you can go online. You can also replaced an old or damaged passport this way.

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National Museum
A prime attraction in Jakarta is the National Museum, and there is plenty of stuff in this museum to explore. This museum is all about he history, culture, and people and evolution of Indonesia over the years, and features tons of prehistoric, archaeological, and ethnographic exhibits. It’s centrally located and costs almost nothing to get in, so be sure to visit. The Puppetry Museum is a little different, but also worth a visit.

National Monument
One sight in Jakarta that’s difficult not to notice is the National Monument, which stands as the symbol of Indonesia’s battle for autonomy. It’s easily the most recognizable landmark, especially when it’s lit up at night, and if you decide to climb to the top, you will not be disappointed with the amazing views. Be sure to check out the museum in the basement as well. Istiqlal Mosque is another important landmark, and a beautiful one at that.

Shipping Malls
Jakarta is a shopping paradise, and make sure to allot plenty of room in your luggage for new purchases. No matter where you look, there’s bound to be a shopping mall nearby, with some of the favorites being Grand Indonesia, Plaza Indonesia, and Pacific Place. If you want a different sort of shopping experience, head to some of the well-known inside and outside markets also, where you can put your haggling skills to the test. The shopkeepers here are always ready to talk about prices. If you enjoy antiques, Jakarta is actually a really great place to shop for them, along with authentic hand-crafted items, which make great souvenirs.

Fatahillah Square
Gorgeous Fatahillah Square resembles a historic district in that an older section of the city and a great place to simply explore and experience the culture. It’s pretty amazing to be able to stop and unwind in an area right in the middle of the hectic, busy city, but Fatahillah Square makes it easy to do just that. The square is full of interesting places to stop, quaint places to stop and eat, and plenty of opportunities to people watch as well. Old Town is great too. It’s fun to explore the cobblestone streets, the cozy cafes, the historic buildings, and to relax under the shady trees.

Taman Impian Jaya Ancol is not only a popular tourist location, but one for locals as well. In this complex of amusement parks, you’ll find Sea World (the largest aquarium in southeast Asia), Fantasy World, Ocean Park, an endless amount of stores, restaurants, and resorts, and a cute little beach also.


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